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At METYCLE, we firmly believe in the positive impact and importance of utilizing every available kilogram of scrap metal. To achieve this goal, we provide easy global access to both scrap metals and recycled metals. METYCLE is designed to facilitate the international trade of these secondary metals digitally. We directly connect trusted buyers and sellers of secondary metals without intermediaries. METYCLE serves as a digital trading platform, offering better prices, better margins, and time savings for both buyers and sellers.

METYCLE has been founded by experts and long-standing executives from the secondary metals industry and the B2B platform ecosystem. METYCLE adds value offering all international scrap metal trading services digitally. We take physical ownership of the goods and deliver them to our buyers according to the agreed terms. We work with highly reputable and established sources of secondary metals mainly in the western hemisphere, and sell the goods predominantly to buyers in emerging regions - especially to Asia. Each company using METYCLE gets verified. Only verified parties can buy or sell scrap metal. METYCLE has been designed for the needs of professional traders so that the entire transaction will happen on METYCLE. From search to negotiation to payment and goods delivery. Buyers and sellers full transparency on the status of each transaction.

There is no sign up fees, no commissions, and no other hidden costs. METYCLE buys from the supplier for the agreed price and makes a margin from trading the goods to the buyer.

Upon registration, you will need to choose either to be a buyer or seller of scrap metal. You will be asked to provide your company details such as legal name, address, VAT identification. Additionally, our service provider will verify ID document of your company’s owners and of you as a company representative.

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