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Get access to hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products! Send us your product request and we will find the best material for you.

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For buyers

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Wide network of suppliers for your needs

With METYCLE you access a vast system of premium vetted suppliers and have the choice of all types of metal scrap and recycled metals. We don't charge any subscription fees.

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Enhanced liquidity with favourable payment terms

METYCLE will help you boost your business: as a long-term customer with us, you can qualify for extended payment terms of up to 90 days.

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Hassle-free shipping and customs

Receiving goods is easy. METYCLE takes care of the whole journey for you and you stay informed about every step. Your logistics worries will be gone with our live container tracking.

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Seamless onboarding and quick responses

Becoming a METYCLE customer doesn't require complicated paperwork - you hear back from us within a day. We don't charge any sign up fees.

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For sellers

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Trustworthy partner in Germany

In METYCLE GmbH, a reputable limited company registered in Germany, you find a reliable partner for your trading experience.

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Prompt payment for your sales

Improve your business liquidity with METYCLE's streamlined process: you will receive payment against shipping documents.

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Hassle-free shipping and customs

METYCLE purchases full container loads directly from the yard. Leave the material shipping and customs processes to us for a stress-free experience.

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Safety and anonymity for your transactions

Simplify your metal scrap and recycled metal sales with METYCLE's secure and anonymous marketplace. Enjoy selling without the need for multiple negotiations.

Clarity for buyers

Clarity for buyers

With our detailed status and document management platform, buyers can check at all times what is happening with their cargo and product. They can track their containers, download documents and provide their desired bill of lading details.

Clarity for sellers

Clarity for sellers

From the moment the seller listing is posted until the goods are shipped - everything is easily accessible and updates are always provided. No need for back and forth messages and operational overload.

Reviving Metals. Renewing Earth. Our Mission: Fueling Sustainability through Metal Recycling. Together, we build a greener future.

Eco-friendly. Efficient. Metal Recycling: Preserving resources, reducing waste, and protecting our planet.

We recycle all metals!

Aluminum cans
Red metals, cooper, twisted wires
Car engine
Nickel tubes
Zinc stone
Lead battery

Our team

Sebastian Brenner
Sebastian Brenner

Co-founder & Managing Director

Sebastian is a B2B marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience and former CEO of CheMondis, the leading online B2B platform for industrial chemicals. Based in Cologne, Germany, he is passionate about digital businesses and is driven by delivering results in short time with highly diverse and highly peraforming teams.

Rafael Suchan
Rafael Suchan

Co-founder & Managing Director

Rafael is an experienced senior executive and former CEO of Chiho Environmental Group and Scholz Recycling, one of the leading metal recycling companies globally. Based in Beijing, China, he brings deep knowledge of the recycling industry and a unique network ready to make metals flow around the world.

Camila Freitas Ribeiro
Camila Freitas Ribeiro

Head of Product, Engineering and Design

Camila is a Berlin-based product, engineering and design professional with a 15-year career in Brazil and Germany. In METYCLE she shapes the product strategy, coordinates product development, oversees product teams and drives the design process.

Veli Pekka Kiiski
Veli Pekka Kiiski

Head of Business Dev. and Trading EMEA

Veli has shone his considerable experience in the non-ferrous metals industry across multiple locations including Lucerne, Singapore, and Shanghai. He is currently based in Zug, Switzerland. In METYCLE he leverages his expertise and industry connections to drive business development and trading initiatives across the EMEA region.

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Recycle metals with us

Our metals
  • Aluminum: the economic impact of recycling
  • Copper: uncovering the sustainable scrap cycle
  • Lead: the journey of scrap metal recycling towards a greener future
  • Magnesium: scrap as a renewable resource for circular economy
  • Nickel: scrap recycling as a value maximizer for sustainable industry growth
  • Zinc: the sustainable promise of scrap recycling

Look into the future

Ready to make a positive impact through metal recycling?

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