Get access to hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products. Post your purchase request (RFQ) with us and we will find the best material for you.


Sell on one of the most active marketplace in the scrap metal industry. Stay anonymous, your identity and prices will not be revealed. Sell your products with ease. 


We add liquidity to your business. As a seller you get paid against shipping documents. As a buyer, you can benefit from up to 90 days payment terms.


Let us take care of shipping the material. Benefit from live container tracking throughout the delivery process. Do not worry about logistics anymore.

Our Portfolio

METYCLE is a trading platform for all types of metal scrap. We use ISRI classification to structure our portfolio. Our main focus is on non-ferrous metal scrap.


Buy and Sell all grades of Aluminium scrap.

Red Metals

Find copper, brass and all red metals on METYCLE.

Mixed Metals

We offer mixed motors, starters, alternators and other mixed metals.

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Our team

METYCLE was founded by an independent team of industry and B2B platform experts. We are motivated to add valuable digital solutions to improve your business. 

Rafael Suchan

Co-founder &
Managing Director

Rafael is an experienced senior executive and former CEO of Chiho Environmental Group and Scholz Recycling, one of the leading metal recycling companies globally.

Sebastian Brenner

Co-founder &
Managing Director

Sebastian is a B2B marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience and former CEO of CheMondis, the leading online B2B platform for industrial chemicals.